Eid-ul-Fitr 2016 outfit details.. 

Eid Mubarak to the people who read the blog and even those who don’t haha (sending my love through pigeons to those in the latter category..)


I tried my Eid outfit on and to my joy/astonishment/all other synonyms of happiness in the world, I was still able to squeeze into my clothes. Considering all the food I had stuffed my face with (clue: oily, really oily and very very oily food..also cheesy goodness), it was a surprise. I was expecting to pay a visit to the person who is of the likes of Barack Obama during Eid i.e my tailor but god saved him and I some trouble.

Anyway, this Eid, I had taken a silent pledge to turn a blind eye to everything pink in the market. But ‘exes’ never let you get over them easily. So Mr.Pink(I have purposely named it Mr.Pink) still shamelessly paved its way through this time, all though subtly. I GOT A BLACK OUTFIT THOUGH. Unlike the rest of the human population, I despise the colour black. Please do not disown me, I belong with you fellow Homosapien.

Without much ado, here I am in my bolo-tara-tara/ Daler Mehndi inspired outfit. Yeah that’s what I named it, if you know Daler Mehndi, you’d know what I am talking about. If you don’t know him, please check out his songs. Play it. Dance shamelessly. Thank me later.


For your reference: Everyone who is lazy to look him up, this is the dude. Enough motivation for you to look for his videos now. Man, my sense of humour is getting worse by the day. I need a doctor ASAP.



I picked up this embroidered material from Meena Bazaar.  What I like about this outfit is its style. I am so done with anarkalis [I own none but still] as well as the the good old salwar suits. I got a long overcoat stitched with the top material. A plain black sleeveless top for the inner which is a little above the overcoat in length coupled with my favourite kind of trousers which is the cigarette style. I know this is not some groundbreaking style but for anyone is bored of what I mentioned above, it can be a breakthrough haha.  
Scarf: Abu Hail Center. Flower Crown: Lifestyle..I got my own floral crown Snapchat filter haha. Tried experimenting a bit with Hijab this time.


Daft updates/details: Awkward self has still not learnt what to do with hands while posing. If you closely notice, my jacket’s top button is open throughout, what is this ashleelta, Arshiya. Also, I HAVE MAKE UP ON?? My third sister decided to do my make up. Yours truly is still challenged at make-up as ever, amongst many other things. Sistership also helped me in positioning the flower crown. I was walking out with it covering the whole of my forehead like a self proclaimed hawaain goddess. She asked her highness to step down, how dare she… TAKHLIYAAAAAAA.

Make sure you watch this space, if you are interested in joining ‘Project Eureka’ which will go live on the blog in a few weeks time.

‪#‎ProjectEureka‬ is a journey of finding yourself, happiness and developing an appreciation for those around of you. I will be developing a list of tasks under different categories such as Mind/Body, Appreciation, Challenge, Feel Good and Introspection. You’re free to add own tasks under each category to complete the project. You could also be a contributor for tasks and let me know if you have ideas for any of these categories. You can choose to do the tasks in your own time as they are individual tasks or do few and leave rest or do none, just a feel good project with no compulsions.

Okay brb, dancing on tunak tunak tun tara tara.




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