Eid Al Adha 2016 Outfit deets!

Belated Eid Mubarak to all. This time around I am going to keep my daft rants to a bare minimum ( I will try, aai shappat) and dive straight into the topic haha. [Arshiya, your outfit is not a world issue, STOOOP]

This Eid after failed attempts to find anything remotely decent in ready-made clothes (yet again), I resorted to getting my dress stitched. I am impatiently waiting for the market to get over those tacky anarkalis, please. Maybe next Eid?

Anyway, as the tradition goes, I generally get two dresses for Eid. A pat on my back because for the first time in years, my dresses do not even have a hint of pink. I have been wanting to get a kaftan outfit and tulip pants since the time they gained popularity and this Eid, I found the opportunity to materialise that (literally) into an outfit.

Outfit #1: Kaftan with wide (extremely wide) legged pants.


What do I think of myself? Standing here with a straight face, thinking I am some sort of model..HAHA.


Much better now haha.



Shoutout to the cousin for lovely Henna ❤




Outfit #2: Lace kurti with tulip pants.


I thought I had a certificate in dress handling and told my tailor, I would be able to manage even if he does not make a stitch at the flap of  my tulip pants so that they don’t open up (In my defence, I was just too lazy to give my pants to him again).. I had a memorable time, trying to guard my modesty as my pants would frequently transform into shorts as the flap would completely open up. It was honestly a poor version of a Marilyn Monroe Moment.


Twinning with my favourite gurllll ❤



The material for both my dresses is sourced from Vashu in Bur Dubai. They have a  plethora of different materials and patterns, so do check it out if the design-my-own-clothes bug has bitten you. They will honestly spoil you for choices. I got the border for my kaftan from a random lace store in Meena Bazaar which I can’t recall the name of. But you can find plenty of similar stores along the streets of Meena Bazaar in Dubai.

Random Update:Project Eureka would not be happening this year as life got unexpectedly busy and I would like to give my 100% to the project.I feel so gutted about this, you have no idea 😦

I currently have too many things on my plate for a person who enjoys doing nothing. What is adulting, am I adulting  and if yes how do I stop adulting? Brb, while I look for answers to these deep philosophical questions.




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