Asra’s snow-white themed 1st birthday bash! DIY Galore :)

Oddly enough, my sister and I randomly decided this theme over our afternoon chai. I just said Asra should dress as a snow-white for her birthday. She nodded. The adventure began.

Over the past one month, we have visited plenty of party stores, discount stores and stationeries that if any of you need help in procurement of party accessories, give us a shout. The problem with this theme particularly was that it is not so popular and lacks on the supply end. My sister was firm that she did not want anything which had all three princesses so we kinda had to make everything from scratch.

We took our theme quite seriously and decided to begin our work by watching the Disney Snow White and seven dwarfs movie for inspiration. Oh boy, that did help.

The birthday Invite I made with my amateur photoshop skills. I feel the font could have been more legible but anyway..
Firstly, I will some insight of all the DIY which we did. The second half of the post will be visuals of the end result. This is one long post so I hope you enjoy it !



We first began work on the pinata. We decided that we would make a 1 shaped pinata with frills of red, blue and yellow to go with the theme.

Find below the development of the pinata.


  1. Make the outline of the number on a carton.
  2. Outline the same on another piece of carton.
  3. Join the two pieces together using tape and secure it tightly. Make sure you leave the top part open.
  4. Cover the pinata with colored crepe paper.
  5. Fill the pinata with confetti and loads of candies.


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2) Well

The second prop we worked on was the well.


  1. Get a bucket.
  2. Get an appropriate roll of adhesive paper.
  3. Wrap it around the bucket. This will take quite some time.
  4. Stick two sticks on either side of the well.
  5. Wrap those with the adhesive paper as well.
  6. Make a shed out of the carton for the well.
  7. Create a little cardboard strip and attach it to the shed to create a holder for a pail.

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PS: We placed our bubble machine in the well for added drama.

3) Dwarf’s mine

The next prop we worked on was the dwarf’s mine. This was a part of a game wherein the kids had to hunt for coins in the mine and the one who collects the maximum wins the prize.


  1. Get hold of dozens of brown envelopes. Even used ones will do.
  2. Roll old newspapers into balls and stuff them into the envelopes.
  3. Tape the envelope.


We made over 300 rocks and ended up with terrible hand ache haha.

DSC_0318 (Copy).JPG
The gold coins, marbles and pebbles which went into the mine.
4) Sign boards

The next prop, our absolutely talented cousin,Heeba, worked on were the sign boards. She cut out thermocol to make stands like the one below. We got thermocol boards and made two boards which read: Asra’s enchanted forest and dwarf’s mine. These boards got a makeover and looked gorgeous which you can see in the second half of the post!


5) Kids and adult favour bags.

Since we could not find snow white themed favour bags, we bought red colour favour bags for the kids.

We attached a “Thank you for making Asra’s 1st birthday extra magical” tag on each bag.

We also made favour bags for the adults by placing these adorable golden hearts in these little bags with little sweets.


6) Birthday banner

Just cut out these triangles out of a nice glittery sheet to make a birthday banner. Print out the numbers for convenience. Cut them and stick away!!
Tips: We could not find snow white based cutlery, so we bought cutlery by using the snow white colours. Red/Yellow plates, blue spoons and red cups. We did the same for the balloon set up. All though we did find a snow white balloon, we felt there was too much of snow white so we mellowed down by using different coloured balloons haha. This works for any theme where you cannot find the related accessories.

7) Message book

Cut out coloured sheets and tie them together using a jute yarn.. TADA! You have a message book.

How all of the above was executed:

As you can probably figure out, we bought a huge piece of grass carpet for our forest set-up. We have still not removed it from our living room and it is our new favourite place to hang out in. Just imagine, a park in Dubai with AC..Why not?

The cake and table set-up:

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Note: We printed the cupcake and cake pop toppers at home. Just find small thumbnail images of characters to do with your theme or print smaller images of the same and Voila… Your toppers are ready!

The birthday banner:

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The snow-white story book and basket of apples in the forest!



Well and cut-outs:

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Asra’s picture in a frame:

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Sign Boards:

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Over all set up:

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PS: The backdrop of trees and animals is from Creative Minds in Barsha.

Finally, the birthday princess and the boys:

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On a side-note, Eisa, my nephew, won the mine game with the maximum number of coins and marbles. It really felt like it was one of those inter-school competitions which a school hosts and the same school’s students win in most categories haha.


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