Omar’s Impromtu 2nd birthday set-up and Graduation gift ideas ^^

My little chubby boy turned 2 last week and since we were quite occupied to plan an elaborate party (Clue: Still hungover after Asra’s 1st birthday), we whipped a quick set-up in few hours:

Balloons and banner from Party Centre, Garhoud. Lanterns from Daiso.
Ruffles Cake from Mister Baker.


My sister recently got blackboard paint done on her walls. This is hand-lettered by her. Quite amused by her skills :O Also fairy lights for life โค
The birthday boy!
He is obsessed with her haha.



In other news, one of my closest friends, Reema graduated in the same weekend. There are very few things which excite me and one of them includes buying gifts for people. So there was some serious adrenaline rush planning out her graduation gift:

So Reema and I went to Typo the other day and she said she loved this. Tip: Always, always look for gift ideas in what people speak.
Never a bad idea to personalize a frame and fill it up with some motivating words for an everlasting memory!
I obviously had to attach this ‘bright’ future tag.
Say it with flowers to complete the gift. You could also add a graduation cupcake to this bouquet.
Did I forget to say balloons?
Found it apt to place this graduation gift right next to my favorite quote.
Isn’t it true though that the joy you get when you see your loved ones happy is unparallel to anything else in the world? Hang on, maybe the joy one gets when they see Mac n Cheese is a tad bit higher?? Open question!
Started from High School (2013) and now we are here.. Three years apart ๐Ÿ™‚

Graduation Gift Idea in times of dearth:

Close friend No.2 Sumaiya got her final year results and told me she would be coming to meet me in a few hours. I bought balloons again (I have an obsession, I am not kidding) and a small cake to celebrate.

Balloons: Do I really need to mention where I got them from?? ย Cap: Maanga hua (It is my sister’s graduation cap but we wanted to kick in the mood)

DSC_1067 (Copy).JPG

Sumaiya is one of the most excited persons on the face of the earth and I HAD to make sure that even I was excited when she graduates haha.


To think of it, I was supposed to graduate with Sumaiya, had I not taken the detour. My life would be so different had I stuck with my choice. Every decision we take leads to different opportunities and different people. Take the plunge whenever it is possible for honestly, it is better to live with the regret of having attempted something and (god forbade) going wrong with it than having not done it at all.

The coming few months are going to be busy but I will post quick blog posts like these so my baby blog does not feel left out. Also, because I am too broke to plan an “I am sorry” party for my blog.


6 thoughts on “Omar’s Impromtu 2nd birthday set-up and Graduation gift ideas ^^

    1. Hi Anam. Hope you’re doing well.

      Thank you for your comment. I hope you get around to renovating your place soon. Even if you can’t renovate it completely, try to add a little something for a change ๐Ÿ˜

      Also, this is my nephew ๐Ÿ™‚

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