Eid Decor and Outfit Details

Eid Mubarak to all ❤

I just started my internship and the marketing team of my company asked me to send an introduction for myself. One of the questions was about my hobbies and the only other thing I do for fun (other than laze around) is blog so I am back here with a heavy heart about not doing it as much as I should.

Anyway, the final year of law school was mentally exhausting and now that I am done with it… I am hoping to be more regular with my posts. Not that I feel people are waiting for me to post but it is just about how it lightens my mind. [Okay, done with the mindless banter and off to the decor and outfit deets!]

We generally don’t do Eid Decor but I thought we should do something different this year to make it more exciting. I started with the base idea of recycling the wooden room divider which we used a couple of years ago for wedding decor. All the decor would revolve around the room divider. We also decided to make a moon shaped pinata for the kids and adults haha.

Instructions on Moon Pinata DIY: http://ohhappyday.com/2012/11/moon-pinata-diy/

Cut out a moon-shape on a carton.
Trace this on another piece of carton and then attach the two pieces together with strips of carton. Keep the width of the moon as per your preference. Make sure you leave some space empty to drop in the confetti and chocolate.
Cut strips of white crepe paper or get a white paper streamer and cut frills on it. [You could also use white toiler paper haha]. Stick it along the moon. Make sure the orientation of the frills is in the same direction.  

Add chocolates and confetti to it.
Secure it somewhere high and break it away!

We added some tinsel decorations, stars, circle string decorations and fairy lights to the wooden room divider. We also attached a crescent moon shaped balloon bouquet to it because I can’t do decor without balloons haha. The gifts for the kids were also stationed in our Eid corner ❤
Yours truly is here yet again with no idea of what the hands should be doing. I have also kinda learnt to apply eye liner so I own a grand total of three make-up items now: eye liner, kohl pencil and blush. Yay low maintenance 😁


My material is sourced from Naïf Souq in Deira. My tailor stitched the gown with Buckram material in the borders to ensure that it doesn’t fall flat. I bought a cream colored scarf to break the monotony of green based on my sister’s suggestion.
Shaadi.com picture 2.0!


Eid Mubarak from my family to yours ❤

This Eid was again a round of sheer khurmas, multiple helping of biryani and waiting for dad’s Eidi [which has remained constant over the years. Our demands for an Eidi hike have been dodged with a smile every year but that doesn’t stop us from trying again next Eid!<3]



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