IMG_20140131_023941 I will begin with spilling out some information about myself. I am a law student  studying in Middlesex University, Dubai.

 Firstly, I wish to express my gratitude towards Robert Frost for giving me my  blog title. He is my favourite poet.( Honestly I know three of his poems but right  to exaggeration is as important as right to freedom of religion or education in  India.)

 I fancy writing yet hate reading. Reading and writing have been a couple since  time immemorial but I am a rebel for being a vamp in this oh-so-perfect love  story.

 More often than not you’d catch me introspecting(well you wouldn’t know that I  am).

I over-philosophize just like your 5th grade English teacher. Though I wouldn’t say my English is perfect like her so pardon my errors.

I’d like to conclude saying that this post lead to a self-discovery that I don’t cherish writing posts about myself.

Oh last but not the least, this blog(who is the hero of the post.. psst, I took away the limelight) will reflect things from my perspective, so if you think differently, your opinion is always welcome.

Any conversation that you’ve with me can be filtered for blog purpose so you are welcome if you receive footage on this blog. Attribution is Rule #1 of Journalism and I am no rebel to break it. [I learnt this from my limited exposure to media studies for 1 year]

Contact details: arsh.khan@hotmail.com
Instagram: arshiyamkhan
Twitter: ArshiyaTheKhan


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Only liked coz “Dubai”. You know Indians’ fixation for Dubai and ‘the Gulf”.
    Haha jk don’t prosecute me for this comment [seriously what am I saying I need coffee bye]


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