And so I am a 20 year oldie-Outfit details

My family generally surprises me at 12 a.m. on my birthday almost every year so this time round I decided to be a little prepared in terms of dressing.  I managed to wear a matching pyjama and shirt. Anyone wants to clap for my efforts?? *stress my ear to hear claps. Hears nothing. Feels rejected. But continues blogging*

But this time to my unpleasant surprise my family didn’t come so guess that was the surprise. BUT WITH ALL LOVE THEY MADE UP FOR IT DURING THE DAY. Keeping my bragging to bare minimum won’t spill out much of the details of what happened but you guys should see this appetizing collage they made for their foodie family member.


A foodie collage composed of my adorable sisters, brothers in law, mom, dad, nephews and girlfriends. Idea credit: Eldest sister. 🙂


Thanks to my close friends who came home and my nephews played great hosts to them. My boys were naturally the centre of attraction. Ha-ha.

Here is an 8 crap fact: 50% of the people who wished me asked me have a great day with my two boys. That’s how much I am crazy about my little ones. Hehehe.

Anyway, outfit details… I wore this floral palazzo pants which my friend Shimra brought me from Chennai.  Kept saving it for a special day… Ha-ha.

The only full picture I have of those pants from the day. This is the closest to what it looks in real haha.


I am generally not the kind who has two outfits for a day neither do I specifically go for birthday shopping but I decided to play dress up with birthday gifts this time.

So here is the outfit I wore for dinner.


Its a jumpsuit which my sister got custom- made.Material from the bazaar in Bur Dubai. Scarf : Splash. Belt: Forever 21.





Paired it with my jaan se pyaare boots from New Look. A birthday gift from last year 😉


A fossil watch..Gift from 3rd sister.
Purse: Valojusha. Gift from second sister.


Finally, a decent picture.





Am I getting rishtas yet?
Am I getting rishtas yet?


Now I seem to be getting some insight from my thoughtful(keeping-me-wide-awake-in-the-night) self:

Turning 20 means we are out of the honeymoon period (not that I had a honeymoon in this ha-ha). But if we think of it,  20 -30 years life is going to be a roller-coaster ride. Many of us will be settled in our careers and many will still be exploring. Many will think that they are stuck in the wrong career while others will be upset about not having a career.  Most will be married while some will be looking for the right one while some are not giving marriage a thought. Some married with kids, some wanting kids and some dreading kids.

We might not be with the people who we are with today. We might not ourselves be the person that we are today. What can we say?

Like someone rightly said the only thing certain about life is uncertainty.